Mentoring Programme with Hampshire Police

On Friday 16th March, we held our second event as part of the Mentoring Programme with Hampshire Police at their Police Training Centre in Netley. We’ve been keeping in touch with the cohort via conference calls, receiving lots of positive and constructive feedback, but this was the first time seeing the cohort face to face since our event in Hursley last November. And at such a scenic location! Very similar to our IBM Hursley House.

We kicked off the day with a feedback session, hearing how the scheme was going since we last spoke. It was great to hear that many of our pairings had met on multiple occasions, perhaps surprising considering the copious amounts of snow we’ve had this winter, making travelling quite difficult! It was also great to hear some of the Hampshire mentees had spent time in IBM and seen a ‘day in the life’ of some of our IBM colleagues. Key topics our mentees have been discussing are around Performance Management, Leadership Development, internal communications and challenges they both face in the workplace. 

Next, we ran a coaching workshop, as requested on previous feedback calls. Annalise Hayward, who was been a huge part of running this programme, is also a qualified coach and delivers coaching and mentoring workshops… how convenient! We had an hour’s session based on ‘What is mentoring vs coaching?’ and Annalise really got our brains ticking. One of the mentees from Hampshire even described Annalise’s session as some of the best training he’s ever received… Go Annalise!

The session that the IBMers were most looking forward to (especially me!) was after lunch. The Public Order Department Insights –TASER and Method of Entry workshop. This involved officers from specialist policing departments providing a demonstration of some operational equipment used by the police in day to day operations such as Taser, Method of Entry and Firearms. We were lucky enough to witness some of the firearms team participating in their training programme, in which they would one-by-one have to react to a situation set up by their training team, but would have no idea what they were about to face. Thinking about it, it’s very much like our Sales School training! Minus the taser and firearms….

Next was our Creative Thinking workshop. We encouraged everyone to think about their personal and professional development goals over the next year and understand who in the room could help them deliver those goals. It was great having a different perspective from those in other organisations and listening to them share their insights. 

And that brought us to the end of our day! We all said our goodbyes and left a very sunny Netley (of course not before getting a group photo!)

It was great having everyone together and hearing all the positive outcomes so far. The programme officially finishes in May, but there were requests for the programme to continue for a longer period of time now that the relationships were really starting to form… so watch this space!

If you want to learn more about the programme, please get in touch with Natalie Coaten at