Meet Jack…..hear his story of life as an IBM apprentice

I’m Jack Wadsted and I work at IBM in Hursley as a Software Developer on a Government defence project within Global Business Services. 

At college, a former student came in to talk to us about the school leavers programmes at IBM. With the idea of going to university firmly ingrained in my mind by the college, I first joined IBM on a gap year placement, with a deferred place at university to do Computer Science. Throughout my placement, I began to find more and more value in learning on the job and it felt like I was accomplishing so much in such a short time. About six months into the placement, I thought long and hard about my future, and it felt like a step in the wrong direction to return to education after such a rewarding experience in full time employment. 

In the apprenticeship scheme I’ve been able to meet lots of new people and have always been encouraged to take on new opportunities for education. I’ve met experts in various fields, inside IBM and out, and have been able to travel to different parts of the country for my project. I’ve been given responsibilities to work on and add true value to critical parts of the project which are in operation this very second. 

In my role I get to help develop a system that is very important to not just IBM, but the country as a whole. I get to visit client sites where the system is being used operationally and see my contributions take shape. With so many internal and external stakeholders within my client’s organisation, you never know what challenges the

project will face. Being able to think on your feet and come up with good solutions keeps every day fresh. It is also very rewarding knowing that the work I do means something and provides immense value.  

In the future I want to continue to learn more about the space in which my client operates, so I can become more of an integral part of my project. I want to continue to innovate and provide value for my client, and build personal relationships within their organisation. I also want to take more of a part in the IBM Hursley community and give back to the local community around us. 

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