Meet Amy….. hear about her life as an IBM apprentice

My name is Amy Magistris, I’m a third year Degree Apprentice, studying at Queen Mary University of London and based in Southbank and I’m currently working in the Rapid Prototyping Team. I chose to become a degree apprentice because in 2014 I was on IBM’s Futures Scheme, where I became involved in many careers fairs and had the opportunity to learn about IBM’s many other programmes. I decided to apply for the Apprenticeship, when my manager informed me about a new scheme they were implementing called the Degree Apprenticeship. 

This incredibly appealing and competitive scheme was obviously very attractive to me and I applied and was accepted! In my time at IBM so far, I’ve had the opportunity to study at a Russell Group university, taking both Business and Computer Science/IT modules that are incredibly relevant to the roles I’ve had and understanding IBM as a whole. I was part of IBM’s first Brathay team to make it to the Finals in the Peak District, which was a fantastic and rewarding opportunity. I’ve also had the empowering opportunity to speak on behalf of IBM and its schemes to girls who are looking to their future and seeking alternatives to University after school –  it’s a thrill and a pleasure to introduce these young women to the exciting technology industry.

My current role is that of a (mainly front-end) developer within a team of experienced and friendly developers and designers; I have the chance to use IBM’s Node-RED technology, IBM Cloud and Watson services, which, I believe, are giving me highly transferable skills. 

The most exciting part about my role is the immense opportunity for learning and self-improvement; there’s a great focus in our team on collaboration, knowledge-sharing and encouragement of education. 

‘‘What are your future aspirations?’’ This question always stumps me. In the short term, I will graduate from Queen Mary University of London, and become an essential and respected member of my team and build eminence within the department and company. In the long run though, it’s much harder to say. I would like to continue learning and being curious, to be a source of knowledge and expertise to others in my environment, and to be in a position where public speaking doesn’t frighten the life out of me. 

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