Meet Alex…..hear his story of life as an IBM apprentice

I’m Alex Best, from the London Borough of Redbridge. I’m based in Southbank, where I currently work in Brand and Communications. Soon I am very excited to say that I will be moving to an iX apprenticeship in Global Business Services.

Why I chose to become an apprentice started with understanding the best way for me to learn and goes back to the “earn as you learn” initiative that all apprenticeships are based upon. Apprenticeships are a career route that isn’t touched upon as much in schools and so after college I was on the more traditional pathway towards getting a higher education in a university.

I soon realised that the style of learning university provided wasn’t bad but just wasn’t the right fit for me. That led me to pursuing an apprenticeship – a style of learning based in a real live role, with real business responsibilities and the potential to earn as you learn. 

I think there are a lot of opportunities from an apprenticeship that are quite evident: real live experience in a working role, opportunities to not only work on great projects but add value to them, working with amazing people and also amazing clients. But just as valuable will be the support system throughout the apprenticeship to nurture my growth and enable my interests in different fields and industries. Having that comfort of knowing there will be people to help you learn from your mistakes and grow is a bonus. 

What excites me a lot about this role is the opportunity to meet and work with amazing people who are experts in their fields. As someone aspiring towards a great career, being in the right environment where you can learn from great people and be challenged to improve as a professional is key to a successful career. iX’s approach towards helping clients design their strategy and digitally reinvent their businesses is brilliant and I’m really looking forward to being a part of that process. Also the potential to travel to different places, different offices and venues to work and build experiences will be of incredible value to me in the future. 

I’m moving into one of the most creative business units we have here at IBM in terms of design and technology. One of my short term goals would be to increase my skills and knowledge in the creative process we use to provide and design great services for our clients and partners while a long term goal would be to establish myself as a versatile and successful senior consultant. My development in the early years of my professional career will be key to succeeding in that and I feel an apprenticeship with IBM provides me with the training, skills, contacts and support to achieve that result. 

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