How a personal passion can bring business success

As the parent of a young rugby player, Jack, I have travelled around the UK and supported school rugby union, school rugby league, club rugby union and club rugby league teams through the teenage age groups, right up to county level. I can safely say I am very proud of Jack’s accomplishments. My involvement started back in 2011 and since then I have taken my family to fixtures at Twickenham to see England and some of the Aviva Premiership teams play. Jack and I won a competition to meet the Rugby Sevens team at Twickenham and we took part in a video shoot for the Rugby Seven adverts!Phil Author Profile

This is all well and good, but what is it that we “get” from the game?

  • Satisfaction – from taking part in the sport and supporting;
  • Camaraderie – the team works on and off the pitch;
  • Fitness – there is no doubt this is a key contributor to the wellbeing of many players;
  • Discipline – all players obey the referee and follow the rules (most of the time);
  • Friendship – Jack and I have made many good long term friends through involvement in the sport. Social media has made it very easy to share banter between players and friends alike during a game, even when we are miles apart!




Analytics in your day to day to life

Analytics touches every part of our lives; it’s part of sport, purchasing decisions, leisure choices, and business. I could be standing on the touchline watching a game and making my own analysis of which players on the other team are bigger than our pack, which players are faster and so on, helping to determine strategies for defence.

Maybe you are buying a car and you analyse how many people it carries, what it costs to run, does it look “attractive” and so on. This is analytics, all be it in our own minds, it is still analytics.

Looking at the veracity and velocity of a Premiership team or a National team such as England, one cannot help but be amazed at the skills, the fitness, and the effort that is put forward by everyone. Analysing footage, monitoring key statistics, and measuring changes all help to ensure the rugby teams are the best that they can be.

Business is very similar. Every organisation has allies and partnerships, competitors and supporters. The business must be able to compete, make decisions, change strategy, change pace, measure results, analyse results and determine the route ahead that is best for the organisation given external factors and internal factors that it faces.

Analytics technology can help organisations to uncover insight from data, monitor situations, and predict what may be about to happen based on trends. Similar to the England Rugby team, these insights are imperative in determining business strategy, competitive advantage, taking products & services to market and aiding organisational success.

The question is, what insights are you getting from your data and how are you converting this to business success? IBM has teamed up with Sir Clive Woodward to help you answer this question. Join us at IBM Analytics Vision 2018 on Tuesday 28th November to hear from Sir Clive how he used analytics to successfully lead England team to win Rugby World Cup in 2003. You’ll also find out how similar approach can help you win in your business. Oh, and you also have a chance of winning a rugby ball signed by Sir Clive himself, just by attending the event! How cool would that be as a Christmas present?

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