Have you got the right team, both on and off the pitch?

The 6 Nations has been a huge fixture in family life growing up and I have early memories (and photographic evidence) of my father, brothers and I in matching shirts cheering on childhood heroes.

As I get older, it becomes hard not to notice that Rugby (and sport in general) is evolving.Stephen & Family when they were younger

If you can forget for a minute that he was talking about Healthcare at the time, Sir Muir Gray has a point…..

“In the nineteenth century health was transformed by clear, clean water. In the twenty-first century, health will be transformed by clean, clear knowledge.”

You can substitute the word ‘health’ for any number of things, and in doing so you get a really good summation of so many of the trends we see today. Data, and the ability to capture, analyse and then form meaningful insight is now, and will be the biggest enabler of this century.

Winning doesn’t just come down to athleticism, experience and will. Data analytics has added another dimension. Performance, fitness, influence and behaviours are constantly monitored and the data provides coaches with insights which effect everything from team selection to tactics and training.Stephen's author profile

It is this focus on behaviours and performance that really excites me.

As a Staffing Consultant within IBM Talent & Optimisation, much of the last few years has been focused on advising clients how to identify, attract, and retain the best people. I am interested in how a candidate’s past behaviours and performance can be used to predict future success; much in the way that the Head Coaches in this year’s 6 Nations will be using data to build insights that better inform their selections and tactics.

We see Graduate Recruitment stepping up as a shining example of how these principles are manifesting in the world of Talent and Acquisition. Here we have both the volume, and an ability to define what ‘good looks like,’ giving us a definitive set of criteria to assess the next generation of our client’s workforce and ultimately highlight factors that increase the likelihood of succesStephen and his team for IBM Corporate Gamess.

As an industry, we at the very beginning of a journey, but the upcoming introduction of Watson to the IBM Talent & Optimisation portfolio is something we are all very excited about. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, and think IBM’s deep understanding of data and analytics puts us in a unique position to be thought leaders in my industry.

I will be watching every minute of the 6 Nations over the coming weeks, and with one eye on the IBM TryTracker, I wonder how we might track influence, performance and behaviour in our own teams in years to come.

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