Collaboration will Beat the Fraudsters! – Highlights from IBM Security Leaders Day at BusinessConnect 2015

A flashing blue and red room, a skills gap the size of the grand canyon and how to be a fraudster; just a few of the items on the agenda at today’s IBM Security Leaders BusinessConnect 2015 – the first in what will be a series of thought-provoking events aimed at tackling current issues and emerging trends in business. Security professionals from all industries were invited to join the discussion around how they can work together to stay secure and keep their organisation out of the headlines.

As well as an agenda packed with cyber security leaders, we were joined by Charlie McMurdie – former head of the central e-crime centre at The Metropolitan Police – and actor, writer and stage magician Alexis Conran – best know for his role in the BBC series The Real Hustle. After a fantastic panel discussion to start the event off, the theme of the day became very clear – for security leaders to stay ahead of the game, they need to collaborate. McMurdie’s session continued with just this theme, using her career experiences tracking down hackers to reinforce the point that collaborative learning is key to stopping the bad guys.

“Everyone in the organisation is responsible for cyber security, not just the Security team”

During the break out sessions, attendees had the opportunity to visit the IBM Security Operations Centre (SOC) and take part in two round tables, to discuss and comment on the Dark Web and Security & Innovation. Each of the sessions taking a very different approach; at one they showed how easy it was to hack someone’s mobile phone!

Daniel MallinsonThe finale of the day was Alexis Conran – actor, writer and star of the Real Hustle, who has been showing people scams and fraudulent tricks for years. He took us through five key principals that you can spot in any fraudulent situation, educating our audience on being a fraudster, and how to avoid being bamboozled. Fraud can happen to anyone, it’s the confidence that tricks people into thinking the con man is genuine – that’s the point!

A fantastic day of networking and ideas – and it was consistently clear throughout that collaboration is the driving force behind stopping the fraudsters – “One problem we have in our industry”, Conran pointed out, “is we don’t talk to each other about scams.” The more threat intelligence our security peers and networks have, the more threats and attacks companies can avoid. As we know from ever increasing news reports, security is key for every company, no matter which industry or profession they’re in.

So how can IBM help your organisation collaborate better on cyber security? Check out IBM X-Force Exchange – a threat intelligence sharing platform that you can use to research security threats, to aggregate intelligence, and to collaborate with peers. For those who would like to know even more, you can also read the new IBM study, ‘CISO insights on moving from comopliance to risk-based programs’ below.

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